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We help our clients to launch and expand their food brands - faster, cheaper, and hassle free.

By offering kitchen as a service - space and equipment, facility management and food delivery ​providers integration - our clients can take their brands to customers, within weeks and with little or ​no capital costs.

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Starting & scaling your food ​business can be tough...

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Low profitability

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High cost-of-entry barrier

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High probability of failure

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Next generation of the food services value chain

Kitchen Brick offerings

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Kitchen Brick locations

Welcome to our flagship location in Munich (Maxvorstadt) - equipped with 8 state-of-the-art kitchen spaces ("bricks") to serve your business needs.

With a vision to expand our reach to over 300 bricks, 38 locations and

6 cities across Germany by 2028, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for all our clients.

Contact us, to check on our plans to start a Kitchen Brick location in your neighborhood.

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About Us

Our journey began when we, during our eMBA studies, discovered a gap in the market for small restaurant owners ​facing challenges in opening new locations and scaling despite customer demand, due to high capital investment and ​location identification challenges.

This realization led us to start Kitchen Brick, with the goal of reducing the 30% restaurant owners currently spend on ​rent and utilities to <20%, thereby increasing the overall profitability of the food business and fueling the food economy.

Irfan Ali

Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Hsu

Chief Business Officer

Günter Hofmann

Chief Financial Officer

Dr Lisa Löbling

Chief Marketing Officer

Mohamed Abdel Hamid

Chief Operating Officer

Fabrice Fournel

Chief Digital Officer

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